What are the key features of the new VersaCount?

  • Most versatile multifunction counter available in the market offering a wide range of application possibilities.
  • Trail Preset function – saves repeated programming of multiple presets
  • Large, two-line display showing the value of the totalizing counter or active preset value in addition to the current counter reading.
  • Easy and logical operation via 4 large accessible keys.
  • What are the standard functions of the VersaCount?

    The VersaCount can be operated in five standard modes; pulse counter, tachometer, timer, shift counter and batch counter.

    How large is the VersaCount display?

    Measuring 48mm x 48mm (1.89" x 1.89"), VersaCount boasts the largest display in its class. The first line features 6 digits and measures 9.3 mm (0.37") while the second line has 6 digits and measures 7.2 mm (0.28").

    Has the input frequency changed as compared to the C346?

    Yes, it has. The input frequency of VersaCount is now 60 kHz, 12 times higher than that of the C346.

    How easy is it to install and configure the VersaCount?

    With features like convenient plug in screw-type terminals and the programming assistant software make installation and configuration easy.

    How long can I adjust the relay hold time on the VersaCount?

    There are nine pre-programmed relay hold times and three user defined relay hold times. Relay hold times can be programmed from 0.02 seconds up to 10 minutes. Processes can now be controlled directly from the counter rather than a PLC.

    How does the new Signal Range function affect the counter’s standard function?

    This new function makes it possible to perform high and low limit control functions, for example, in parking garages.

    How many preset values are available?

    Up to three preset values can be programmed: P0, P1 and P2.

    Can I enter a negative preset value?

    Yes – the VersaCount is not only capable of negative counting, but also accepts a negative preset value.

    What type of safety and lockout functions are available?

    Keys can be locked completely, released after being pressed for 10 seconds (in order to prevent accidental shifting) or locked by means of a keylock pulse at the application input (to lock the counter during machine operation).

    Can certain preset values be highlighted visually when they have been reached?

    Yes, VersaCount features a FLASH function, which causes the display to flash when a certain preset value is reached.

    Which functions can be used via the application input?

    A total of twelve (12) functions may be selected for the application input / output.  These are the Prescaler Output, Output Preset 0, Counter Direction Output, Counter Input – Adding, Counter Input – Subtracting, Reset Input, Gate/Inhibit Input, Keylock Input, Display Memory Input, Teach Input, Latch / Reset, and Set Input (2nd option to set to VW 0).

    Can I use several functions via the application input / output?

    Only one function at a time can be used via the application input / output.

    What output are provided at the preset values?

    Preset 1 and Preset 2 are available both as relay contacts and electronic output signals (PNP).  Preset 0 is only available as an electronic output signal across the application output (PNP).

    Is there a fourth decimal for the prescaler?

    Yes, the prescaler can be set to four significant digits to increase accuracy and reduce rounding errors.